What You Can Do

  1. Contact elected representatives: local, state and national.
  2. Target Earmark Organizations: ASUS, AKC, ASPCA, AVMA, HSUSA
  3. Ask your veterinarians if they crop ears? Let them know if you do NOT approve.
  4. Ask your veterinarians if they have requested that their own AVMA and ACVS develop a more firm policy against Non Health Related cosmetic surgeries?
  5. Avoid buying puppies from pet stores or puppy mills. Ask to see both parents. Check references. If registration papers are from an area far from where the puppy is you are considering, you may wish to reconsider.
  6. If you are not interested in a showable puppy, plan to spay or neuter your pet. Enjoy your pets with natural ears!
  7. If you want a high priority breeding and/or show program, ask a breeder if they are willing to assist you, to be a co-owner, to share stud services, handling and entry fees, and other responsibilities?
  8. Do not adhere to veterinarians who suggest that the puppy you bring to them has to have it’s ears cropped or tail docked. Ask to see a video of the procedure. Live with your puppy before deciding to permanently alter its appearance.
  9. Attend dog shows and encourage exhibitors, handlers and judges with natural eared dogs. Show you own dogs with natural ears.
  10. Buy from breeders who have natural eared parents and who encourage you NOT to crop ears on their puppies.
  11. Contact breeders in countries where ear cropping is against the law. Work to encourage importation of quality natural eared stock.
  12. Send at least one postcard, e-mail, fax, letter to someone you think can help ‘Stop the Crops’. Downloadable “Stop the Crops” postcard or any other of the items listed below.
  13. Print out copies of this web site and send them to anyone you feel needs to get the message and whom you feel might be willing to help their canine friends end their inhumane pain and suffering.
  14. Ask youth leaders, teachers and dog trainers to get involved with special projects related to non cropping of dogs’ ears.