Helping Natural Ears to Stand

With puppies from six weeks old up to one year of age, ears can be helped to stand by using brown wrapping paper, cut into patterns and glued.

1. Hold one ear facing you. Have someone else hold the puppy in their lap.

2. Place a rectangular piece of shopping bag paper behind the ear and draw a pattern all the way up around the tip and back down across the upper portion starting into the ear canal.

3. Remove the paper and cut it a bit smaller than the actual ear size. Round off tip and lower area.

4. Using human artificial eyelash clear or white glue from a tube, (Durolash, etc.) smooth enough across the inside of the pattern to completely cover the paper.

5. With one person still holding the dog, gently press the paper into the inner portion of the ear. Use a paper towel to help hold it in place while it sets. Check to make sure there is enough glue to hold.

6. Allow enough time for the paper to start to dry. Repeat the same thing with the other ear. Do not hurry this process.

7. The paper will work itself out within 10 days. Leave it out for a week and try again if the ears still aren’t standing.

8. Grind up calcium tablets in a blender. Sprinkle some calcium powder over the food each day or add other natural supplements to help strengthen cartilage.